Danielle’s Christmas Gift to her Mother

Christmas shopping for my mother was never an easy task but as she has gotten older, finding a gift that she will enjoy and use is nearly impossible.

No more scarves, sweaters or slippers please! The snuggie from last year still looks fine and I believe the “teas from around the world” has not travelled out of the pantry since last January. This year I want to give my mother a gift she could use and something I know she wouldn’t buy for herself. Then I thought: I work in an Elder Law Firm; what is the greatest thing we give to our clients and their families?…peace of mind. How do we give them that precious peace of mind? We make sure they plan for all the expected and unexpected occurrences that happen in life. So I called my sisters and threw out the idea to them.

“Hey, you want to get together and buy mom her estate-planning package for Christmas?” I asked my sisters. At first they thought it was a little strange. Then I explained to them how happy our clients were when they finally got around to coming in and doing the planning they had always put off. Not only that, their family didn’t have to worry anymore about what to do if something happens to mom or dad. The decisions were made and properly documented. In fact, all of our clients get the original of their estate planning documents in a binder for safekeeping and an accompanying CD so that copies can be made if needed.