How to Prepare Your Parents in Advance for Changes as They Age

When it becomes noticeable that your parents are having difficulty with some daily activities, be proactive about it and don’t wait for an emergency to occur. Doing your homework by locating sources of help and living arrangements is your first step towards helping them; you need to be aware of the many options that exist. Possibly only one of your parents is in need of assistance and the same rules apply.

Ease into the suggestions about a change of life-style or help for your parents. Starting the topic of assisted living, nursing home facility, or even help within the home may not be acceptable to your parents and may need some preliminary work on your part. Being diplomatic and letting them know of your concerns about a possible fall or correctly taking medications could be a way of introducing this topic. Very possibly there could be resistance at first so slowly introducing various measures could work best all around.

Do not assume what their reaction might be, but gently ask their opinion and try to keep conversational about the topic. Talk often and receive input on their desires, after all, it is their life you are trying to make better. (Ideas came from Care. com and The Marietta Daily Journal.)