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Older adults are suffering with functional and cognitive decline due to hearing loss and these problems may have available interventions. In nearly two thirds of adults over the age of 70 in the United States, there is defined hearing loss. Walking and driving difficulties as well as social isolation are proven effects of poor hearing. (Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences 66A(5):582-590.)

I just heard about the latest technological devices to help the hearing impaired; it sounds as though new and better help is just around the corner. Check out the new wireless support with your local hearing center and see if it can turn your current hearing device into a miniature headphone. Or perhaps you hadn’t realized that you might have a hearing problem. Checking yourself, or a loved one, for hearing loss is especially important if you are having a difficult time understanding people, if you think they are mumbling or not speaking loud enough. Are you finding yourself avoiding social occasions, meetings or gatherings because they leave you confused? Do your ears ring or do you hear strange sounds? These are all symptoms of communication problems that often can be helped by a simple phone call to get your hearing checked out.