Call caregivers frequently

I just heard a story which sent chills…. A man was the total caregiver of his wife who was suffering from dementia. Unfortunately, he died in bed, leaving his wife totally alone for three weeks to try to care for herself. It was the gardener who wanted to be paid who contacted a neighbor who called the police to open up the house. The woman was dehydrated, malnourished and needed cleaning up and was taken to ICU immediately. The children of this couple had called twice during those three weeks but were not unduly alarmed when there was no answer since often times dad, the caregiver, found it difficult to get to the phone on time. The end of this story provides a good lesson: give your loved ones a frequent call just to make sure they are okay. Caregivers can always use a friendly word and the couple of minutes a call takes can provide assurance to all family members.