"Breaking out of Bedlam"

Its that time of year when every parent scratches their head trying to come up with an inventive gift for a teacher, violin instructor or a basketball coach.  While desperately perusing the aisles at my local bookseller,   I came across  Leslie Larson’s novel, “Breaking out of Bedlam” .  It chronicles the life of Cora Sledge an 82 year old resident of a local assisted living facility.  I was intrigued enough to buy (it was on the sale table).

I am not sure if its the first novel about life in an assisted living facility but I have never seen one before.  I loved the authors observations on aging, family dynamics and life in assisted living (part college dorm /part hospital).  It made me think that more and more aspects of popular culture  will begin to tackle the subject of aging and all that comes along with it.  I hope that tv and movie writers call Ms. Larson for some tips!

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