Think Safety

When I think of safety at an assisted living or in a nursing home, I think of handrails and sprinkler systems. I rarely think about identity theft. Burglary definitely does not come to mind. However, there have been reports of burglaries at several assisted living communities lately.  This news made me consider my grandmother’s safety in her assisted living community.

There are several measures in place at her community that I think ensure her physical and financial security. There is an electronic code on the front door. There is a lot of foot traffic in her part of town so this serves keep people out as much as to keep the residents in.

The employees get to know the families and vice versa. Since my grandmother’s move I am on first name basis with most of the caregivers. They know if someone unfamiliar is in the building.

We are fortunate that my grandmother has no interest in keeping a checkbook or bank statements in her room, and she hasn’t carried a credit card in several years. For elders who want much more financial control, it is important to keep statements and checkbooks out of sight. Jewelry should also be worn or kept out of sight. It is even better if they can be in a locked cabinet or drawer.