Caregivers Suffer the Most

To reduce caregiver stress, remain aware that people with dementia usually live only in the present. When a loved one is distressed and claims, “I want to go home,” try to remember that your loved one may forget all about it by the next day even if you haven’t. A caregiver can fall into the trap of being upset over distress that might no longer be an issue. Because of Alzheimer’s, people don’t fret for a long time simply because they do not remember the events; the affected person lives moment to moment. People with dementia do not worry about tomorrow so do not experience anxiety about the future. They don’t think about death or other things that might happen to them. For uplifting thoughts and ideas, Alzheimer’s caregivers can visit Marie Marley’s website: and read her book, “Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer’s and Joy.”