How to Live Peacefully


A recent article on dealing with conflict makes a lot of sense. How you handle it influences your stress level and your blood pressure. If you can live peacefully, you will have a sense of harmony; you know how to work things out. An article by Jennifer Bonn in the Marietta Daily Journal gives some solutions to living peacefully with others.

  1. Be accepting of others and their approach to a situation. Don’t try to control, thinking your way is the best.
  2. Find your own calm with a mantra or a thought when you do have stressful moments.
  3. Instead of being annoyed by a person, find something positive to concentrate on. Be tolerant of others.
  4. Influence others with your own self-control and calmness when everyone else is involved with and/or contributing to the chaos.
  5. Avoid stressful situations you know will negatively impact you, but make the best of things when you simply cannot avoid them.
  6. Diffuse conflict with laughter or a positive approach to a trying situation.
  7. Think about others, their challenges and hurts. Be understanding of their situations.

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