Who Decides – You or Someone Else?

Taking responsibility for tough life decisions prevents others from having to step in and make them for you, but also allows you to discover options that can alleviate the fear. Aging is difficult, with one potential loss after another. Making your own decisions can provide some control over your aging process. Following are several decisions you can make for yourself.


  1. Time to Stop Driving? You can complete a short self-assessment to honestly access your driving skills. Either make adjustments to your driving, if needed, take a refresher driving course, avoid highways, or hang up the keys. It is your choice to determine how you will decide if and when to stop driving.
  2. Another choice is where to live. Consider where your adult children live. Think about whether you are comfortable living alone. Can you handle the maintenance of a lifestyle in your own home? Check out active adult communities that offer a maintenance-free lifestyle. You may want the opportunity to make new friends or participate in built-in activities.
  3. Who will take care of you should the need arise? The reality might be difficult to accept, but you may need considerable caregiving at some point. Check out various types of professional help for the time – if and when – you are no longer self-reliant. Research both in-home and home-health care services, their costs and reliability. Become familiar with your local Area Agency on Aging’s services. Review your finances to determine your ability to utilize professional help, as cost is often a crucial factor.

By doing your own thinking, research, and decision-making, you can stay ahead of the game of aging. Your own choices can provide you with greater freedom.

The team of experts at Hurley Elder Care Law can help you navigate these choices and changes. To start with our complimentary phone consultation, please reach out to us at (404) 843-0121.





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