Finding the Silver Lining as we say Goodbye 2020… and Hello 2021!

We know we are all anxious to put 2020 behind us and usher in a New Year. While we’re sure we can all easily come up with a long list of things and events that we missed out on and many families have been intimately affected by COVID, we will reflect on some of the silver linings that our firm and our Hurley Elder Care Law family experienced throughout this year.

Through the early days of quarantine last spring, our firm quickly pivoted and became completely virtual. It was no small feat to adapt our office and legal practice to this new mode of communication, but it was amazing how our team all pitched in and made it happen quickly and fairly seamlessly. We started every morning with a Zoom call where we got to see each other’s pets, children and spouses as the chaos in every household unfolded each day. It helped us grow closer and we always started our conversations with favorite Netflix shows, new cooking skills and funny personal stories before we got to the business of the day. We now continue our Zoom calls each morning even though most of us are back in the office. It has become a fun way for us to share and connect with each other before the start of our busy workday.

Even as many of our elementary, middle, high school and college kids had their lives turned upside down by remote learning, we were able to witness the amazing resiliency of our families. We all agree that the bonus time each of us has spent with our loved ones is truly cherished (at least most of the time).

Several members of our Hurley family have experienced special personal milestones and achievements this year. Kaila, in our Public Benefits group, got married in a small and beautiful family ceremony. Lillian, also on our Public Benefits team, is engaged and excitedly planning her wedding. Lauren, one of our social workers, became engaged to her long-time boyfriend and earned her licensure and is now an LMSW! Megan joined our care coordination team in the middle of the pandemic began and has offered tremendous support to our clients and families. Although some of us have also experienced disappointments, additional worries and ill family members, we have chosen to keep the most positive outlook possible and concentrate on the things we are grateful for.

Lastly, during this year we have all been incredibly touched by the way our senior industry and healthcare workers have banded together to offer the best care possible to patients and residents even in extremely difficult circumstances. We have seen our partners in senior living facilities go to great lengths to comfort and assist our clients. We feel an even greater connection with our clients, their families and our professional partners as we have all done our best to weather this unbelievable storm. The relationships we have forged this year in our practice has shown us the importance of taking the time to really get to know our clients and will help us become even better practitioners in the future.

Thank you for the important role you have played in our lives this year. All of us at Hurley Elder Care Law wishes you a Happy New Year!

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