Wrapping up our Medicaid journey

We are wrapping up our Medicaid journey. We have been able to explore many side roads, obstacles and rarely discussed long-term care programs along the way. In our weekly blogs we have spent time talking about:

*2021 Eligibility Requirements and Changes

* Applying for Nursing Home Medicaid in GA

* Medicaid for Single People

*Medicaid for Married Couples

*Estate Recovery

*Waiver Programs

*Medicaid when you’re under 65

*Money Follow the Person


Planning can protect assets and income for a well spouse

As we addressed these topics in detail, we hope you now realize there are many long-term care options and programs available. Our goal is to help you recognize that it is worthwhile to explore your options and consult Hurley Elder Care Law to discuss your situation. These programs require the knowledge of experts to navigate and help you protect your assets and income. Planning for married couples is even more complicated as we often have a “well” spouse we need to consider in our plan.

Medicaid planning is unique for each individual

Another goal of our Medicaid road trip was to explain that every person’s situation and needs are different. Regularly we meet with families who have been given misinformation that ended up causing them wasted time and money. This is devastating news for families when they realize they have “spent down” all their money to qualify for Medicaid (and didn’t have to do this) or they submitted an application incorrectly.

Partner with an Expert

We all know that a person should choose to go to a heart specialist if they need heart surgery. The same idea holds true for elder law issues including long-term care planning. It is important to partner with an experienced Certified Elder Law Attorney to help you find, get and pay for your loved one’s care needs. Thanks for joining us on our Medicaid journey!

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