Elder Law Quick Facts for 2023: Updated Medicaid and VA Numbers

At the beginning of each year, there are changes in the eligibility requirements for Medicaid and benefit amounts for VA Aid and Attendance.  This is because these numbers change with each Social Security change, and Social Security changes go into effect on January 1st of each year. 2023 updated Medicaid and VA numbers are below.

This year, we have a 8.7% increase in Social Security benefits.

Social Security beneficiaries will receive an incredible 8.7 percent increase in their monthly checks in 2023. This is the largest cost of living adjustment (COLA) since 1981. The Social Security Administration says this will add $146 to the average monthly benefit increasing it from about $1,681 to $1,827.

This means changes for Medicaid and VA Benefits, too.

The COLA changes for Social Security impact Medicaid eligibility as well as VA benefit amounts. Here are the updated numbers for 2023. Please download our Elder Law Quick Facts HERE.

2023 Monthly VA Aid and Attendance Maximum Pension Rates

Single Veteran – $2,229

Married Veteran – $2,642

Widowed Spouse – $1,432


2023 Georgia Nursing Home Medicaid Eligibility Limits

Limit Type Individual Couple
Income – Maximum per month* $2,742 ———
Assets – Maximum per applicant(s) $2,000 $3,000**
Income – Maximum monthly maintenance allowance for a community spouse*** $3,715.50
Assets – Maximum for applicant with a community spouse $148,620
Transfer penalty divisor (2022) $9,034


To learn more about how Medicaid and VA Benefits can work for your family, please contact the Hurley Elder Care Law office at (404) 843-0121 or reach out to us   online.

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