Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Happy Independence Day weekend! For many of us, this day is spent celebrating with family and friends in an array of outdoor activities including backyard cookouts, swimming, and fireworks.

Unfortunately, these activities are often tougher for seniors to participate in, but they still want to be included in the fun. Including older adults in group celebrations help them feel more connected with others. So how you can you make July 4th festivities accessible for the seniors in your life?

Some senior friendly 4th of July activities:

Plan a cookout at your house. Seniors can enjoy the fun by visiting with guests or simply people-watching. You may provide shade and a restful place if needed.

  1. Watch parades and fireworks together on TV.
  2. Take some time to watch a fun classic movie.
  3. Simple card games or board games can be enjoyed by all ages.
  4. Involve your loved one in food preparation. This can be more complex or simple depending on their ability. Mixing fruit salad or decorating desserts are some ideas.
  5. Prepare an ice cream sundae bar with some fun fixings.
  6. Include the older adult in patriotic crafts or decorations.

Be Prepared!

For a successful holiday for all, prepare in advance for seating options, shade, plenty of liquids, sun protection and bathroom breaks. These are important tips to remember as discussed last week in our dehydration blog.

This week, many families take time off together to enjoy the summer. You may notice your older loved one is having trouble with memory or increased mobility issues. It is important you are proactive in dealing with these changes. Call Hurley Elder Care Law  at 404-843-0121 to find out how we can assist you in planning for their new care needs and financial future.

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