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Certified. Compassionate. Competent. Experienced.

A Family Helping Families

We are a dedicated team of professionals helping seniors and their loved ones since 2006.

Aging is inevitable.

Statistically, you or your loved ones will need long term care. Whether you are proactively planning for your own or your loved one's future or you are in an acute situation now, it can be extraordinarily expensive and complex.

Unfortunately, one of life’s absurdities is that when the time comes that you need assistance, you are at your most vulnerable while navigating the complexities of long term care, available benefits, legal issues, and asset protection. 

We all want the best care we can possibly get for as long as possible without burning through everything we have. Ultimately, we need guidance but don’t necessarily know where to go or who to trust. 

Certified. Compassionate. Competent. Experienced.

Many people do not know that Elder Care Law as a practice even exists. In fact, there are only 12 certified elder care law attorneys in GA. Not only are we the most experienced and competent, but we are the only firm that employs both nurses and social workers on our team to help identify and obtain the support our clients need.

Our Life Care Planning Model is a holistic approach to providing not only legal documents — such as wills and trusts and estate planning — but also expert legal advice, advocacy and care coordination. 

When you need us, we’ll stand beside you through these emotional and challenging times — not only as a professional, legal advisor, but on a personal level as well.

We are passionate about Elder Care Law and know what you need because we have been through it ourselves. 

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While in law school, our founder, Miles Hurley was the primary caregiver to his grandparents. The impact of seeing his own grandfather’s awful transition from decorated WWII vet and brilliant, world-renowned expert and scholar to being fully restrained in a nursing home inspired him to dedicate himself to making this difficult process better for others. 

Other members of our team have similar personal stories.

He thought there has to be a better way. Now there is.

Loss of control, depletion of resources, despair, and anxiety do not need to rule the day.

The help you need is available from the most compassionate, competent and experienced team you can get. Hurley Elder Care Law is your fierce advocate who will passionately work to obtain the benefits, care, and asset protection you need so that you can have peace of mind, knowing all your decisions are the right ones.

There is no better peace of mind than the security of knowing you have made the best possible decisions for the care and safety of yourself and your family.

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