Aging Ally

Who can make decisions for me if I have no one?

Many older adults are aging alone. In fact, more than one in five Americans over age 65 are aging without family caretakers. More troubling is that many older adults have not identified a potential caregiver, and many have no reliable friends or family members to lean on. Living without an established support system leaves many older adults vulnerable to subpar care and financial exploitation.

Care partners for older adults and adults with disabilities, take on a multitude of tasks including caring for the home, bill paying, hiring long-term care providers, coordinating with medical providers, managing medications, handling health insurance decisions, overseeing nutrition and transportation issues, and much, much more. When necessary, many care partners become the financial and/or healthcare agents, making decisions for the older or disabled adult.

“What do I do if I have no one to name in my POA? Who can make decisions for me if I have no one?”

The Aging Ally is a service offered by Hurley Elder Care Law to help older adults in Georgia age with a safety net. Intended to provide extra support to older adults that do not have a designated healthcare and/or financial agent, Hurley Elder Care Law can now step into that role, becoming a hired advocate and decision-maker when necessary.

Our team of professionals can become the client’s healthcare and/or financial agent, providing decision-making services, oversight of healthcare and financial affairs, and protection of financial and physical well-being.

You Don’t Have to Age Alone

There are many reasons why an older adult may need additional support from a family member, friend, or hired professional. The complex long-term care world, declining physical and cognitive abilities, and overwhelming medical issues may require an advocate or care partner to secure the best outcomes.

Those who age alone or without a high level of support are at higher risk for medical problems, cognitive decline and premature death. Why not age with the assistance of a team of professionals that identifies your needs, coordinates services to help you and advocates for your care? Hurley Elder Care Law can stand beside you as you navigate the complex process of aging.

Who Needs an Aging Ally?

Most older adults have family and friends to help them. In fact, according to the Institute on Aging, “sixty-five percent of older adults with long-term care needs rely exclusively on family and friends to provide assistance.” Someone may be a good fit for the Aging Ally services if:

  • He is unmarried or widowed with no children.
  • She is aging without the support of family members.
  • There are adult children spread out across the country and not readily available.
  • There are adult children who are uninvolved or estranged.
  • He prefers enlisting a neutral party in order to keep peace and tranquility in the family.
  • She is concerned about burdening your family with the responsibility of care.
  • He has outlived his relatives and friends.
  • Her spouse is in poor health, and she is concerned about his well-being if she were to die before him.
  • He is concerned that heirs would consider their needs before his when making decisions about care.
  • She feels overwhelmed by the process of planning for future care needs and would like assistance from a comprehensive firm that has over 100 years of combined experience.

What Services Can Hurley Elder Care Law Provide?

Every client will receive a tailored service package designed to meet his/her needs. After a thorough assessment, we customize each plan so that we have the level of involvement that is needed in any given situation. This is not a one-size fits all program. We want to find the right size for you and your specific needs. The Aging Ally services can include:

  • Estate Planning (e.g., updated Advance Directives, Powers of Attorney, Wills, and/or Trusts)
  • Asset Protection Planning to maximize our client’s resources
  • Care Coordination Services (an initial assessment and on-going involvement by our licensed staff)
  • Surrogate Decision-Making, if/when needed by our team
  • Hiring and Oversight of Other Helping Professionals(e.g., CNAs, Geriatric Care Managers, etc.)
  • Bill Paying, if/when needed
  • Long-Term Care Placement in the least-restrictive environment that meets both financial and medical needs
  • and more…

Learn more about Hurley Elder Care Law’s Aging Ally services

Contact our office in order to make an appointment with one of our Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELA). We begin each relationship with a phone call and an in-person assessment with our team. You can also reach us at (404) 843-0121

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Services are Offered?

Hurley Elder Care Law can take on a multitude of tasks including

  • Surrogate healthcare decision making if and when it’s needed
  • Making _nancial decision as Financial Power of Attorney or Trustee
  • Comprehensive estate planning and asset protection
  • Bill paying
  • Continuous assessment of care needs
  • Hiring and overseeing long-term care providers
  • Coordinating with medical providers
  • Handling health insurance decisions
  • Long-term care placement if necessary
  • Overseeing nutrition and transportation issues
I am in good health now but I’m concerned about the future.

Each Aging Ally relationship is tailored to you. After a thorough assessment, we customize each plan to meet your current needs and together, develop a course of action for a time when you may require additional support. Being proactive when you are independent allows you to make sure your wishes and decisions are followed, regardless of your health.

I am married and my spouse is my decision maker but I don’t have anyone as a backup.

Through the Aging Ally program, Hurley Elder Care Law can serve as a successor to your designated agent.

I already have a long-term relationship with a financial planner and a Geriatric Care Manager, can the Aging Ally accommodate my existing relationship?

Yes, we work hand in hand with your trusted partners to ensure continuity in your life. Our goal is to compliment your existing relationships.

Learn more about Hurley Elder Care Law’s Aging Ally services

Contact our office in order to make an appointment with one of our Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELA). We begin each relationship with a phone call and an in-person assessment with our team. You can also reach us at (404) 843-0121