Louise Morris

Louise Morris

Practice Manager

Louise Morris has been with Hurley Elder Care Law from the very beginning and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the practice. Louise has lived in Georgia since the age of 3. She grew up in East Cobb County. Prior to joining Hurley Elder Care Law, Louise was an 8th grade English teacher in Cobb County.

Like many of our clients, she has been touched by the realities of aging. Louise’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at age 67. During the course of her disease she managed her mother’s odyssey through in-home care, assisted living and finally at skilled nursing facility. Louise uses her personal journey in her professional work to help provide extra compassion, support, and encouragement to our clients. She has walked a similar journey, experienced some of the same pain, and faced some of the same hard decisions.

Louise is an avid sports fan and plays tennis on both ALTA and USTA teams. Louise lives in Smyrna with her dog Poppy.

There is no better peace of mind than the security of knowing you have made the best possible decisions for the care and safety of yourself and your family.

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