To old to travel?

As our population continues to age,  more and more companies are providing services to seniors who have medical issues or memory issues and still wish to travel.   There are two basic concepts:

Flying Companion Services:

For a fee, companies will escort a senior loved one from their home to the airport, help them navigate security and then travel with them to their destination.  Upon arrival they will assist with baggage and provide transportation to their ultimate destination.   This type of service is typically used when an older family member is traveling to see a son or daughter in another state (or country).  It is not inexpensive but can be well worth the cost if it unites a family for a special celebration.

Specialized Travel Agents for Seniors and the Disabled:

There are companies  who can provide home care services to seniors while they travel. Typically a CNA will travel with the senior and fees are calculated based upon the destination and the level of care required.  Agencies that specialize in travel for the disabled (such as wheelchair accessible destinations) are adding home care offerings to their clients who book through their agency.

Though the services can be expensive, there is sufficient demand for more and more companies to begin programs to accommodate individuals with health care, mobility and memory issues.


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