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Train Yourself for Happiness

By Miles Hurley | February 5, 2018

Yes, you can train yourself to live a fuller and happier life. First, you have to understand what makes you happy. Behavioral scientists have determined that the quality of relationships is primary; close relationships with both family and friends help keep people happy throughout their lives. Health, creative work and freedom from mind-numbing routine all…

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Staying Happy as You Age

By Miles Hurley | January 29, 2018

Happiness starts early; it is not something you try to begin as you enter your elder years. Growing research shows that people who are generous live longer, have fewer diseases and are happier. Working to increase the strengths of wisdom, generosity and gratitude when we’re young will keep us from feeling so alone when we…

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Happiness and Health

By Hurley Elder Care Law | October 9, 2017

New research suggests that happiness can make you healthier. Positive vibes are linked to a stronger body and mind together with a more satisfied life. Following are “science-backed” tips to find more joy in your life! Explore life without social media. Yes, symptoms of anxiety correspond to the amount of time you spend on social…

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