Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning Model

A holistic law practice

By Miles Hurley | November 30, 2021

Hurley Elder Care Law is a proud member of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association (LCPLFA). This association is a national network of holistic law practices that offer legal services, care coordination and advocacy support to help elderly clients and their families respond to the challenges of aging, long-term illness, and disability. When Miles…

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new aging family

The New Aging Family: Planning for the future

By Miles Hurley | October 13, 2020

The new aging family looks significantly different than it did at the height of the baby boom. There are fewer and fewer nuclear “traditional” families with a husband, wife, son, and daughter.  Now, more families look like the Brady Bunch or the Pritchetts from Modern Family, or even resemble the movie “Yours, Mine, and Ours”. …

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Pet Trust

A pet trust as part of your long-term care plan

By Miles Hurley | September 9, 2020

What is a pet trust and how can establishing one, help you take care of your furry friends? For many of us, a pet is a true part of the family. According to the ASPCA, about 44% of households have a dog, while 35% have a cat. There are proven health benefits to owning a…

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Putting the Pieces of the Elder Law Puzzle Together Part 3

PART 3: Putting the Pieces of the Elder Law Puzzle Together, Why We Ask What We Ask

By Miles Hurley | July 30, 2020

As we wrap up our blog series this month, we are going to focus on legal documents and various types of insurance.  Sharing complete information with your attorney allows them to develop a life care plan crafted to you unique circumstances and needs Bringing  your existing legal documents to the first meeting with the attorney…

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