Nursing Home Medicaid

Medicaid when you're under 65

Medicaid when you’re under 65?

By Miles Hurley | March 16, 2021

Nursing home Medicaid has basic eligibility rules that require the recipient to be either age 65 or over, blind or disabled.  Unfortunately, we have seen an increasing number of families come to us because a family member needs long-term care at a “young” age.  Many have early onset Alzheimer’s disease, Frontotemporal dementia or had a…

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Medicaid Estate Recovery

Medicaid Estate Recovery

By Miles Hurley | March 2, 2021

We’re back in the car and have been traveling for quite a while. We are going to take a break from our road trip today to hike in the Grand Canyon. The scenery is amazing, and the exercise will do us some good. No worries though because while we are on the trail, we will…

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Medicaid for Single People

Medicaid for Single People

By Miles Hurley | February 16, 2021

What a beautiful day for a road trip! The sun is out, the temperature is pleasant (if you’re a penguin…), and we are going to have a great conversation about Medicaid for single people. What Affects Qualifying for Nursing Home Medicaid for a Single People? There are two main factors that affect qualifying for nursing…

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Apply for Medicaid

How do you apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia?

By Miles Hurley | February 9, 2021

We are on the road again. We have our sunglasses, favorite playlist on the radio and a full bag of Trail Mix with M&Ms by our side. Last week during our ‘car talk’ we answered, “What is Medicaid”. That question is usually followed up by “How do you apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia”? Get…

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Medicaid Road Trip

Beginning our Medicaid Road Trip

By Miles Hurley | February 2, 2021

As we mentioned last week, we are starting our Medicaid Road Trip together today. On our journey we will explore many Medicaid “sights”. We hope we don’t hit much traffic along the way but road trips are full of surprises, potholes and detours similar to the Medicaid process . Our first leg of our trip…

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Medicare or Medicaid

Medicare or Medicaid?

By Miles Hurley | January 5, 2021

Medicare or Medicaid? What Medicare Will Cover and When to Apply for Medicaid Picture this . . . Susie, who is 82 years old, fell, broke her hip, and was taken to the hospital. The hospital then discharged her to a skilled facility for rehab. Now, after about 6 weeks, the facility is ending Susie’s…

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