Drinks to lessen Alzheimer’s risk

It has been said by many experts that keeping the mind active by playing board games like chess or scrabble can keep the mind sharp and lessens risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Even dancing is a very good way of preventing Alzheimer’s disease, according to HealthDay. These mind and physical activities are true, but if accompanied by healthy diet, this can ultimately ward off Alzheimer’s disease in your golden years. Here are some foods and drinks that can ward off Alzheimer’s disease. (1) Grapes, blueberry, apple and cranberry juices are drinks that you can enjoy and are very healthy. They contain flavonoid, a plant metabolite that has an effect like an anti-oxidant. It reduces beta-amyloid that could turn to a plaque buildup in the brain causing Alzheimer’s disease. (2) Turmeric tea. Turmeric is a famous food spice but with good benefits. This spice contains curcumin, a chemical that has anti-inflammatory properties. India is one of the countries that has a high consumption of turmeric and studies have found fewer cases of Alzheimer’s disease in India. (3) Red wine. Specifically, red wine contains polyphenol, a natural chemical known as an antioxidant. Researchers tried to perform an experiment where they introduced a purified extract of red wine to lab-made amyloid balls. The amyloid balls changed its form and can no longer bind protein in the nerve surfaces. This means a regular intake of red wine can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers though have noted that they can’t tell the required amount of red wine that should be taken on a daily basis. In other related articles, it has been said that a glass of red wine a day can make you healthy. (4) Avocado smoothie. Avocado is known to be a fatty fruit but the fat it contains is a monounsaturated fat that promotes good blood flow in the body. Avocado is a good remedy for high blood pressure. Good blood flow and low blood pressure promote brain health which wards off Alzheimer’s disease. While enjoying these good tasting beverages, you are already sure that you are feeding your brain right. For additional information, go to: http://www.parentherald.com/articles/24790/20160302/4-best-tasting-beverages-ward-alzheimers-disease.htm

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