Downsizing with Ease

There comes a time when downsizing has to be done. Moving into a smaller space can feel emotionally and physically overwhelming so the need to carefully plan ahead is essential. Keep envisioning how happy and unburdened you will feel with a comfortable and smaller place. Some suggestions to make downsizing easier are:

1. Calculate your new space; measure and draw a floor chart showing where each furniture piece will go. There are apps to help as well. Try Sweet Home 3-D app to help plan your space.
2. Make a list of things you don’t necessary love or need and start selling or giving things away. Figure out ahead of time where you want to donate or sell your items.
3. Since you are probably in an emotionally charged frame of mind, start discarding your possessions with the least sentimental things and work your way up to photos and mementos. Keep only what you truly love or need.
4. Have someone helping you to stay focused. Making decisions with support takes some of the pressure off.
5. Settle into your new place as quickly as possible. Unpack the boxes and put everything in place within a short period of time so your new living space won’t feel cluttered and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Taken from the Marietta Daily Journal, August 14, 2016

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