Family Caregiver Platform

As the population ages, more Americans will become a caregiver for an elderly relative or friend. Today there are 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. caring for an older adult or person with disabilities. The economic value of their unpaid contribution total approximately $470 billion, yet family caregivers often face job losses, extreme stress, economic security, and poor health as a result of the much-needed services they provide. Family caregivers need both financial and practical support to provide the care older adults need to age in dignity. Our partners at the Family Caregiver Platform Project are working to change that by making sure that caregiving issues are included in as many state party platforms as possible. This national collaborative effort is encouraging non- partisan grassroots efforts to educate and motivate policymakers to improve state and federal support for family caregivers and older adults. You can get involved in the grassroots level effort. Find out how to get started, read about why state party platforms matter, and learn more about the caregiver platform planks. See for additional information.

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