Gift Suggestions for a Senior

Everyone has a bucket list and older adults are no exception. Holiday time is a great opportunity to provide a senior gift, possibly providing something on their bucket list. A few gift suggestions are: adopting a pet, learning to paint, starting a scrapbook, learning a new musical instrument or a foreign language – lessons might be appropriate. Other ideas include: a visit to the town where he or she was born and raised or taking your favorite senior on a manageable trip that was always a dream. Starting a class on memoir writing and creating a legacy to pass down could be an unfulfilled idea – you can put together the information. Taking your senior out to a very special dinner or having a movie date could fill the bill. A night at the symphony or a play might be the something special you want to provide. Seniors still have dreams and aspirations that they might not be able to do alone. Surprise him or her; drive your senior to fulfill a hidden wish – just ask what would be special as this year’s holiday gift. Follow some of these gift suggestions or have a conversation to find that something special. You might be able to put together a plan that wows!

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