Hospice – Yes or No?

To help determine if hospice is the right choice for a loved one, look at the following facts:

  1. Hospice is a philosophy of care.
  2. Don’t have to give up all medical care.
  3. Must qualify but can opt out.
  4. Might extend life.
  5. Continue seeing the doctor.
  6. Goal is to live well.
  7. Enriches the last stage of life.
  8. Involves the entire family.
  9. Hospice continues after death.

When choosing hospice care consider:

  1. Is the hospice accredited?
  2. What are results from state/federal survey?
  3. Is the medical director board-certified?
  4. How many patients are in the program?
  5. What is the typical caseload?

For details see http://www.aarp.org/buletin November 2015

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