Improve Your Retirement with the Internet

There are new devices, apps and other software to make it easier for retirees to stay healthy, live independently, and enjoy life to the fullest with technology. It is changing our expectations and life in retirement, according to Joseph Coughlin, head of the MIT AgeLab. Today 58% of people age 65 and older use the Internet, according to the Pew Research Center. Elders are using the opportunity to use electronic gear to reach out to family and friends, manage health, protect finances and preserve quality of life. They go online chiefly to communicate with family and friends, using Skype or Facebook. For the holdouts from the Internet, there is the GrandPad tablet, part of a subscription-based service which makes it easy to connect with friends and relatives via video calls. It also has simplified online access for limited activities, including sharing pictures, checking the weather, and in the near future, hailing an Uber. Check out this site: for a cost of $53 to $60 a month. See more at

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