Independent Living Myths

There are fears related to independent living communities that are not true, but still remain as myths.  Following are a few of these myths:

  • Too Pricey. Once you combine homeowner fees and any medical care or in-home services you may need as you age, independent living communities become more affordable in comparison. The price of staying in your paid-off home isn’t as low as you may think, with utilities, insurance, taxes, and repairs adding to other homeownership costs.
  • Independent living is not a “nursing home.” Once you understand exactly what independent living means today, with all the new options, you will know it is for people who simply want a more carefree lifestyle. No longer do residents have to be concerned about home maintenance since everything is taken care of by management. Added benefits include daily activities, events, fitness and hobby clubs; it really means being part of a community of people who enjoy retirement without unwanted responsibilities.
  • Cuts you off from friends and family. There are no restrictions on guests in your home. Only if you purposely make it a point to cut off friends and family, it will not happen, unless of course you move out of state. Options for entertaining usually include: clubhouse-style common areas, outdoor spaces, and your own home. Transportation arrangements can help you visit others if driving is no longer an option.
  • You lose your independence. Confusion exists because of the different types of senior living communities that are available today. Independent living is vastly different from assisted living and skilled care. The spectrum of independent living includes options for home maintenance, lawn care, cooking, dining, housekeeping services, social activities, clubs and pets. The choice is up to each resident of how many services and arrangements are made. You decide how independent you want to be.
  • Nothing to do. So untrue, because many people who move to independent living communities find their schedules more packed with interesting things to do. Having access to organized social events, classes, outings and hobby groups makes it easy to schedule, especially since you have more time for socializing.


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