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There are many advantages for older Americans to seek out a college community as their new place of residence. They might be looking for intellectual stimulation, cultural amenities and sports offerings without high urban price tags. They may either want a return to their college roots, their alma mater, or perhaps a place they imagine will fulfill them. With more time to partake in activities, the lifelong learning institutes offer noncredit courses, lectures and borrowing privileges at the campus libraries with nominal fees – sometimes even for free. One reason these communities are appealing to retirees is the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle – usually associated with these communities. Biking, hiking, sailing, and access to gyms along with intellectual course offerings can attract many a senior. Some might even pursue an advanced degree. Discovering new passions is a possibility as you check out the courses offered in the college. You might relive hopes and dreams you had at a younger age and now the time and opportunity to develop them is available to you, especially in an educational setting.

In general, retirees most likely want a healthy economic base; college towns generally have a stable economy with a large variety of services. Of course, any situation has its drawbacks. As colleges and universities worry more about their bottom lines, many are becoming less flexible about nontraditional students or about rules for auditing courses. Seeking out a college town that is not short-sighted towards nontraditional students is of great importance. Keep your goal in mind and check out several communities before you make your choice. Check out “best places to retire” or go to:


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