Men and Women Retire Differently

When women retire, they are more likely to be busy caregiving, socializing with friends, spending time with family, giving back to the community. Some of their pursuits include reading, spending time alone with personal interests, volunteering, following creative pursuits such as writing, art, crafts and painting classes. Women tend to enjoy group activities. Although men spend more time pursuing athletic interests, retired women are more likely to engage in fitness or more strenuous athletic pursuits. Women take instructor-led classes that are more collaborative than competitive.

Men typically take a different approach when they retire. Men pursue favorite sports, work full- or part-time and stay engaged in aspects of their job/career. They are more likely to be teaching or mentoring. A few men might start a new career in a field that interests or excites them, however, it is uncommon for male retirees to do so. Male retirees found the transition to retirement easier than woman did. One finding that might surprise you is that 95 percent of survey respondents said their relationship with their spouse or partner either improved or stayed the same in retirement, contrary to long-held opinions that a husband or wife or partner will “get on each other’s nerves” because of too much time spent together. This information comes from TIAA Voices of Experience 2016 survey of 1,583 retirees who were participants in retirement plans offered by the financial services provider serving the nonprofit sector. The major statistic in the survey found that the busier you are in retirement, the happier you are. Retirees who engaged in one to four activities were substantially less happy overall. Seventy-six percent of retirees who engaged in ten or more activities reported being “very satisfied” with their retirement compared with just fifty-two percent who engaged in one to four activities.


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