Money Follows the Person

As we wind down our Georgia Nursing Home Medicaid road trip, today’s detour is going to explore one of Medicaid’s less known but truly beneficial initiatives, Money Follows the Person (MFP). This program is designed to help individuals who are living in long-term care facilities like nursing homes as Medicaid recipients return to their homes and communities and receive support services.

How does this work in real life?  Let’s look at George B’s situation.  He suffered a stroke and after several weeks in the hospital and 20 days in rehabilitation, his wife and family realized that his Medicare advantage plan would no longer cover sub-acute rehabilitation services.  George needs were too significant to make returning home practical and he was unable to afford the daily $200+ co-pay to continue rehabilitation.  His family made the pragmatic decision to apply for Nursing Home Medicaid for George, so he could receive the care he needs.   George’s family had consulted with our practice when making the Medicaid application and learned about the MFP program.  The knowledge that if his condition improved, he could transition home and receive services, made the difficult decision to apply for Nursing Home Medicaid more palatable.

Who is eligible for MFP?

  1. Live in an inpatient facility (i.e. hospitals, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, nursing homes or other long-term care facilities) for a minimum of six months
  2. Be a Medicaid beneficiary in the month preceding their transition to home and community-based services
  3. Meet institutional level of care
  4. Move into a qualified residence (home, apartment or group setting)

How can I access the MFP program?

If returning to your home is a possibility, you should contact the state MFP office at or call 404-651-9961.  At that point you will be screened to determine your eligibility for MFP and what is needed for you to return home. A transitions coordinator will then assist you in arranging home and community-based services through one of Georgia’s Medicaid waiver programs. Learn more about waiver programs here.

So what happened with George?

Good news! After 6 months in the nursing home George was able to return home.  With the help of the transition coordinator, George’s wife and family were able to make necessary home modifications and organize in-home care through the CCSP program.  They know it will be difficult but the family is excited to try.

Money Follows the Person provides the funds and support to help eligible long-term care residents return to their homes and communities.  To learn more about the program and determine if it may work for a loved one, contact Hurley Elder Care Law at 404-843-0121 or to discuss your situation.

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