Non-Medicinal Help for Acid Reflux

For the 50 million Americans who suffer from acid reflux, recommendations include non-medicinal remedies for alleviating heartburn, eliminating the dangerous side effects of proton pump inhibitors and antacids. While the solution includes modifying your lifestyle, eating to avoid reflux and reducing your medication, Dr. Jorge E. Rodriguez, gastroenterologist, has specific recommendations to follow without swallowing a pill. They include: raising the head of your bed, eating less at a time while eating more often, and drinking both before and after meals but not while you eat. His instructions – while eating – are to sit up straight, loosen your belt, chew your food well and eat very slowly. After eating, it is suggested to remember gravity and not bend over or lie down for at least thirty minutes. An additional rule is to finish your eating three hours before bedtime. Lifetime measures that complete his recommendations include exercise, 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise per week or 1 ¼ hours of vigorous exercise along with twice a week sessions of weight-bearing exercise.

Stress is very likely to coexist with acid reflux and can make your symptoms worse. Relieving stress in your own innovative way is good both for your heart and your heartburn. Lastly, usage of tobacco and alcohol cause heartburn; smoking must be stopped and alcohol cut back if you want to successfully reduce your acid reflux. Along with a sensible diet, knowing your triggers for acid reflux will help you eliminate many food issues. From: “The Acid Reflux Solution” by Jorge E. Rodriguez, MD.


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