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Last week’s Hurley Elder Care Law blog touched on the importance of tracking and sharing important information when you or a loved one is dealing with a chronic healthcare condition, a serious medical diagnosis, or a decline in functional capacity.  As we navigate this rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s crucial to consider who will have access to your digital assets, including your email, cherished photos, social media accounts, airline rewards points, and other online accounts. This advice is pertinent to everyone over 18. Just as you organize your physical space, organizing your digital assets is equally important.

Rachel Donnelly, founder of Afterlight shares the tips below to help you get a jumpstart on organizing your digital assets.

Inventory Your Digital Assets:

Begin by casting a wide net to encompass all your digital footprints. This includes social media profiles, email accounts, digital storage platforms, and even online banking accounts. Creating a comprehensive inventory is the crucial first step in organizing your digital legacy.

Utilize Online Planning Tools:

Take advantage of platforms like Apple’s Legacy Contact and Google’s Inactive Account Manager. These tools allow you to designate trusted individuals who can access and manage your digital accounts in the event of your incapacity or passing. Setting up these tools ensures that your digital life remains accessible to your chosen contacts.

Securely Store Your Information:

Invest in a reliable password manager and a digital vault to safeguard your login credentials and important documents. These tools not only enhance security but also ensure that your loved ones can easily access vital information when needed. By centralizing your digital assets in a secure location, you streamline the process of managing your digital legacy.

Hurley Elder Care Law is a key piece in your digital asset protection. We can incorporate your digital assets into your overall estate plan. Your executor will be able to manage the distribution of your digital estate. Formalizing your wishes in your legal documents will provide clarity and peace of mind to your loved ones.

Being Prepared: A Practical Guide to Getting Your Affairs in Order

We created a new checklist, “Being Prepared: A Practical Guide to Getting Your Affairs in Order.” Download it HERE today. Georgia’s premier elder law firm, Hurley Elder Care Law, would like to assist you so your loved ones can smoothly manage your estate and access your special memories. Call 404-843-0121 to schedule your attorney meeting in one of our four convenient offices in Atlanta, Duluth, Woodstock, and Peachtree City.

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