Photographer Makes “Older” Fashionable

How does a photographer make “older” fashionable? A new photo book by Ari Seth Cohen showcases the colorful, creative fashion of people over 60, hoping to help others look at aging in a new light. Cohen does not agree with how society tends to portray older people and states that “a granny stereotype in not totally the reality of what is actually happening in the world of aging.” He sees a very creative, active, vital, radical form of aging. In 2012 Cohen published a photo book, “Advanced Style,” and now is publishing a colorful follow-up: “Advanced Style: Older and Wiser.” He has many followers and thinks it’s really a movement. At first Cohen concentrated on women and now recognizes that men face similar pressures as they age. Regardless of who his subjects are and how different they may be, Cohen says they all share similar characteristics that ultimately attracted him in the first place. It may be elegance, it may be artistic, but he says it’s really about that spirit, that vitality, that expression of creativity that is like a life force that is drawing me to them. His goal is that the people in his book will help others realize that growing older is a part of life that is well worth looking forward to, and one that can be full of spirit. There are huge demands on men and women to not look their age any longer and he hopes that seeing the pictures of these men and women who have grown older with vitality, grace and creativity will help lessen some of their fears about growing older themselves. Ari Seth Cohen is a photographer based in New York. His latest book will be published by Powerhouse Books and is now available for pre-order.

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