Six Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Attorneys

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It’s the season to be thankful, and we are so thankful for our amazing attorneys at Hurley Elder Care Law. Hurley Elder Care Law takes a team approach to meeting the needs of each of our clients and families, but the attorneys take the lead in providing counsel and setting up each individualized plan. As leaders of this team, our attorneys give our clients as well as our whole staff the support they need to be successful.  Here are the six major reasons we are so thankful for our attorneys:

  1. Genuineness  Each of us has witnessed our attorneys in action with our clients. They bring a sense of genuine concern for and personal investment in the best outcome for each of our clients. They do this work because it is connected to their values and belief in helping to reduce the burdens associated with aging and long-term care issues. Elder care law is not just a job–it’s a calling for our attorneys.
  2. Professionalism  Our attorneys hold themselves to high standards when it comes to client care. Promptness, both to scheduled meetings and to fulfilling commitments, is non-negotiable.  Miles is committed to treating his clients as he would like to be treated, and he expects the same out of his whole staff.  Clear, effective communication is a part of how they lead.  They turn our work around very quickly and meet every deadline.
  3. Knowledge  We can assume that most attorneys are knowledgeable and smart, but our attorneys are rock stars when it comes to understanding elder law issues. Medicaid, VA benefits, estate law, and probate law are just the tip of the iceberg.  Miles, Danielle, and Jennifer also have a deep understanding and appreciation for the community resources and complex issues faced by each of our families.  They can easily synthesize the details of a particular situation, apply current best practices and regulations to the situation, and create a customized plan for our clients to best meet their complex needs. They never stop learning and have a commitment to staying informed of pertinent changes and innovations in elder care, and they share their knowledge with the whole team.
  4. Compassion  We often work with families facing the biggest crisis of their lives–they are moving their loved one into a nursing home, dealing with a devastating illness, and/or facing tough end-of-life issues. Our attorneys create a trusting relationship with each of their clients, bringing warmth and compassion into each interaction. With this in mind, Miles has staffed his office so that each employee has time to give each client the necessary time and attention to work through each issue with patience and empathy.
  5. Generosity  Miles and Danielle have donated countless hours to families and professionals to address elder law issues in the community.  Through community education events and professional education events, they have reached thousands and have shared their information on elder law issues. They are generous to each of our clients and our staff, going above and beyond to help however they can.
  6. Accessibility  Our attorneys are extremely approachable and easy to talk to.  Many of our clients have little to no previous experience interacting so intensely with an attorney. We ask our clients and families to reveal very intimate details of their lives, from their previous marriages, to their bank account statements, to their end-of-life wishes.  Our attorneys bring a judgement-free, solution-focused approach to their work, putting our clients at ease. They can be easily reached by our clients and are accessible by our whole team for any emergent issues.

For these reasons (and many more), we are so grateful to have Miles, Danielle, and Jennifer as the attorneys at Hurley Elder Care Law. If you have good words to share about our attorneys or team at Hurley Elder Care Law, we’d love for you to share them on our Facebook Page.

To learn more about Miles, Danielle, and Jennifer, please visit Our Team Page.



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