Stress Getting You Down?

Out of time! Sandwich generation! Lack of sleep! Sound familiar? Caregiver stress research is offering you a few tips. (1) Plan tasks strategically by creating a plan for ongoing duties. Be organized and combine projects when possible. (2) Keep your car stocked with supplies. By keeping helpful items in the trunk that are easily accessible, such as good walking shoes, a jacket, toiletries and workable snacks, you will be ready for most anything that comes up. (3) Instead of going to urgent care facilities, try calling a doctor for a same-day appointment, as needed. Calling mid-morning might get you better results prior to cancelled appointments being filled. (4) Bundle paperwork and organize folders so you are ready for an emergency. Keeping documents for health care, power of attorney, medical insurance, advance directive, list of medications and emergency contacts together and handy is invaluable. (5) Stay positive and enjoy quiet moments first thing in the morning. Reflecting on things you are grateful for can reduce stress; it can set you up for a productive and positive day. Repeat when necessary. (6) Think about enlisting the help of a professional in-home care agency. This could be more help than you realize. From:



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