Stretch Yourself to Succeed

It is time to stop worrying about what you don’t have and to start being productive with what you already do have. Realize that having less can jump-start you to become more creative. You are forced to view problems and solutions in a new light and perhaps will discover a better approach. Research shows that some of the world’s most complex problems are solved by those having the least direct knowledge about the problem. Some might call this thinking outside the box or seeing the light differently. You can gain power by imposing constraints on yourself. Do this by moving a deadline forward, cutting a budget, checking out novel situations or by just starting to move towards a goal rather than planning every little detail. With spontaneous action you are free to adjust your actions to meet goals. This is a very different path to success than most people lay claim to. A usual answer to finding a path to success would probably call for more – more money, more knowledge, more time. But, when focusing on having more you might overlook the value of what you already have. Accumulating resources does not necessarily produce fulfillment. Instead, a better alternative towards success involves the science of stretching. Do you ever wonder why some people can do a lot with very little while others squander so much? Stretching involves practical techniques to accomplish more with what you already have. Stretching engages your resources, seeing potential rather than limitations. Creative thinking can help you find alternate uses for some of your possessions. This is a way to adapt when times take a turn for the worse, as you are already prepared for challenges. For more information, see TIME, February 27 – March 6, 2017, The View: How to Make Life Easier, by Scott Sonenshein.

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