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Complete Estate Planning: Wills

By Miles Hurley | January 8, 2020

This is the year for finally getting your estate plan done!   We know that most adults put off estate planning. The whole thing can seem unnecessary, overwhelming, and expensive.  Our aim is to show you that estate planning does not have to complicated, expensive, or stressful.  This week and for the next several weeks,…

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It’s Time to Write Your Will

By Miles Hurley | April 27, 2018

Get yourself a will because dying without one, “intestate,” is a drag for everyone. Not everyone has a will – even Prince died without one.  Imagine, all that money and one of the greatest performers didn’t spend a little of it on sorting out his estate. We know that death is inevitable, but we continue to…

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Beneficiary Designations Will Overrule Your Will

By Hurley Elder Care Law | November 9, 2017

It is important to keep in mind that not all assets are affected by the terms of a will. Bank accounts, trusts, and retirement accounts that have designated beneficiaries transfer to the beneficiaries; these assets never go through probate if they have another way of being transferred. Likewise, certain properties can be transferred to co-owners…

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