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Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

By Hurley Elder Care Law | October 13, 2017

Not all persons who have Alzheimer’s disease are alike, making it difficult for both the family and doctors. Knowing the various signs or stages of the disease helps one to cope and offer the most effective help. There are seven stages of the disease, as follows: Stage One has no signs. The disease is undetectable.…

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Name Confusion-Normal or Dementia?

By Hurley Elder Care Law | September 15, 2017

  Do you ever get confused and call Bill’s room John’s? Sometimes, our memories get all mixed up, especially in homes we have lived in for a long time and children have switched rooms. Do you say: “Susie, I mean Mary, I mean Joanie, dinner is ready.” “Oh, what’s your name?” Don’t be concerned, this…

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