Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament – Why should I have a Will?

By Miles Hurley | November 19, 2020
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Searching for Nursing Home Care

Aging alone: Make a plan for care

By Miles Hurley | October 6, 2020

Today, seniors are living longer often with complex medical issues and a disjointed family support structure.  During the month of October, we will look at aging for the 21st century “modern” family and explore the unique issues today’s seniors are facing. According to the US Census Bureau, one in five adults age 65-74 live alone…

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Organizing and Keeping Files

By Hurley Elder Care Law | February 13, 2019

Many of our clients come into the office toting grocery bags, cardboard boxes or backpacks filled with about fifty years of paperwork. As time goes by and our financial situations change, the amount of paperwork we must keep grows exponentially. That said, by the time a person gets to be 70, 85 or 102 years…

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