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Non-surgical Knee Procedure

By Hurley Elder Care Law | June 19, 2017

  “Cooled radio frequency ablation” is a new non-surgical knee procedure that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not for everybody, but this option is for people who cannot have surgery or are not yet ready to have a knee replacement. The marketing name is “Coolief” and it eases pain rather…

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Home Exercise Equipment for People Over 50

By Miles Hurley | March 30, 2017

Too busy for a gym? Joint problems? Bad back? Motivation Waning? You can get into shape at home by tailoring equipment to your particular needs and budget. Here are a few options: A rowing machine gives a great cardiovascular workout with minimal wear and tear on your joints. Works out arms, legs, chest, back, heart…

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Knee Health Tips

By Hurley Elder Care Law | June 10, 2016

Thirty-four percent of Americans in their mid-50s and older are experiencing chronic knee or leg pain, constant pain that often results in surgery. Follow these tips to practice better knee heath.

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