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Covid-19 waivers to be discontinued

Covid-19 Medicare Waivers to be Discontinued

By Miles Hurley | May 9, 2023

At Hurley Elder Care Law, we navigate the complex rules and requirements of multiple state and federal benefit programs including Medicare and Medicaid so we can provide the most up-to-date legal plans and advice to our clients and partners.  The Covid-19 public health emergency (PHE) saw the implementation of many different waivers by the Centers…

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VA Special Pensions

How do VA Pensions and Medicaid work together?

By Miles Hurley | March 14, 2023

How Do VA Special Pensions and Medicaid Work Together to Pay for Nursing Home Level Care? If you are reading this, then chances are that you or your loved one is a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran. First, let us thank you for your service. We want to be sure that veterans and…

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Medicaid Estate Recovery

Asset Protection: It Isn’t Just for the Wealthy!

By Miles Hurley | March 1, 2022

What is an asset? The dictionary defines an asset as “something that is owned by a person, company, or organization, such as money, property, or land.” In general, there are four broad classes of assets: Equities (stocks) Fixed income and debt (bonds) Money market and cash equivalents. Real estate and tangible assets. A house, like…

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Long-term care facilities to benefit from new executive order

By Miles Hurley | September 22, 2020

The September 15, 2020 executive order from the Governor’s office is providing a pathway for long-term care facilities like skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities to engage in additional activities including family visitations. Long-term care facilities have borne the brunt of  COVID-19 infections and fatalities and a measured approach to a gradual reopening is welcome…

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Pet Trust

A pet trust as part of your long-term care plan

By Miles Hurley | September 9, 2020

What is a pet trust and how can establishing one, help you take care of your furry friends? For many of us, a pet is a true part of the family. According to the ASPCA, about 44% of households have a dog, while 35% have a cat. There are proven health benefits to owning a…

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Possible Changes to Medicare’s Three-Day Rule

By Miles Hurley | October 9, 2019

 .   In early August, a class-action lawsuit got underway that could impact the three-day Medicare rule. This follows a bi-partisan bill filed in March that would change the rules for nursing home admissions. In order to understand the changes, you have to understand the current Medicare rules. There are only two ways to be…

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How to Find Quality Nursing Home Care in Georgia

By Miles Hurley | September 25, 2019

  Nursing home care, for most families, is the option of last resort.  In our experience, many are placed in a nursing home for two reasons:   Around-the-clock clinical care and oversight is absolutely needed. The aging loved one has run out of money and cannot afford any other option.   Many try to avoid…

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Georgia Nursing Home Medicaid: Setting up a Qualified Income Trust

By Miles Hurley | September 11, 2019

  Our last blog covered the top three things you should know about Georgia Nursing Home Medicaid. Coming in at #1 was:   You likely don’t make too much money to qualify for nursing home Medicaid.   This confuses so many families—and even professionals.   Georgia does have an income cap. By having an income…

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Georgia Nursing Home Medicaid: The Top 3 Things to Know

By Miles Hurley | September 4, 2019

Medicaid continues to be the largest payer of nursing home care in Georgia.  The path to getting Medicaid, though, is confusing and cumbersome. We have addressed many of the questions about Medicaid through our blog and newsletter. It’s hard to understand exactly how the rules apply to you and your family. Here are the Top 3…

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Georgia Nursing Home Medicaid: Using a Caregiver Contract

By Miles Hurley | August 21, 2019

    We know that over 44 million people provide unpaid care to family members and friends to help them deal with a chronic or debilitating illness. This care is worth about $375 billion, and many caregivers are sacrificing wages and financial security to help their loved ones.  It is likely that you are one of these caregivers.…

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