2024 New Nursing Home and Assisted Living Guide

By Miles Hurley | January 9, 2024

Back by popular demand! We are thrilled to announce our NEW edition of Hurley Elder Care Law’s Nursing Home and Assisted Living Guide. Navigating the long-term care maze is complex and can become a full-time job. Our comprehensive 2024 Nursing Home and Assisted Living Guide is crucial as you make care decisions for your aging…

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Elder Law Quick Facts 2024

Elder Law Quick Facts 2024

By Miles Hurley | January 2, 2024

The team at Hurley Elder Care Law would like to wish you a Happy New Year! With the new year comes changes in benefit amounts for VA Aid and Attendance benefits as as well as the income and asset thresholds for Nursing Home Medicaid. We make these changes available to the public through our Elder…

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Structured family caregiving

Structured Family Caregiving

By Miles Hurley | June 13, 2023

Family caregivers are the backbone of long-term caregiving in the US. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, about 38 million Americans spent 36 billion hours caring for adults with chronic, disabling, or serious health issues.  Much of that care is provided by family caregivers and is unpaid.  Recently, the state of Georgia become one of only…

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Medicare Savings Programs

Can Medicaid Help Reduce Your Medicare Expenses?

By Miles Hurley | May 23, 2023

Many seniors live on a fixed income and living costs continue to rise. The good news is there are Medicare Savings Programs that provide premium relief to those with limited income and assets. There are four different Medicare Savings Programs with the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program being the most robust program. What is the…

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Medicaid Estate Recovery

Will I Lose my Home? Understanding Medicaid Estate Recovery

By Miles Hurley | May 16, 2023

One of the most common questions our elder law firm hears when discussing Medicaid long-term care programs is “will I lose my home”? Families have heard the term ‘Medicaid Estate Recovery’ and are concerned because to most of us, our house is our most meaningful asset both emotionally and financially. Understanding Medicaid Estate Recovery can…

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Reasons for a Qualified Income Trust

I need a Qualified Income Trust to qualify for Medicaid? What steps are involved?

By Miles Hurley | May 2, 2023

Have you recently discovered it is necessary for you or a loved one to put a Qualified Income Trust (QIT) in place to qualify for Medicaid? We introduced the reasons for a QIT in last week’s blog, but let’s dig a little deeper on the steps involved. First, the QIT must be established. The QIT…

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Qualified Income Trust (QIT)

What is a Qualified Income Trust (QIT) and do I need one for Medicaid eligibility?

By Miles Hurley | April 25, 2023

Last week’s blog discussed the return of Medicaid renewals and the danger to some recipients of possibly losing their benefits. We believe now is a good time to give a refresher course in the use of the Qualified Income Trust (QIT), or Miller Trust. Many people had this requirement waived under COVID-19 rules and are…

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Losing your medicaid coverage

Are you in danger of losing your Medicaid coverage?

By Miles Hurley | April 18, 2023

The Department of Community Health recently announced that Medicaid eligibility redeterminations, or Medicaid renewals, would begin on April 1, 2023. These renewals have been suspended since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. DFCS caseworkers will begin reviewing each case in more detail and determining if the Medicaid recipient is eligible for benefits. Medicaid recipients who…

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Community Medicaid Waiver Programs: NOW/COMP

NOW/COMP: Could this Community Medicaid Waiver Program Help You?

By Miles Hurley | April 4, 2023

The practice of elder law includes providing services to the disabled including those who have been disabled since birth.  This week, our blog will continue to explore community Medicaid programs for disabled individuals under the age of 65 who may need care in their home or in an institutional setting.  Could community Medicaid waiver programs…

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Medicaid care programs

Medicaid care programs for people under 65

By Miles Hurley | March 28, 2023

Medicaid Care Programs Are Not Just For The Elderly Many people believe that attorneys that practice elder law only help the elderly population. We could not disagree more! We are ready, willing and able to assist people of all ages, who need care, determine if Medicaid care programs are a possibility. Over the next few…

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