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Do You Love Your Pet?

By Miles Hurley | March 29, 2022

It’s no secret that the Hurley Elder Care Law team loves their pets! Pets provide love and companionship to people of all ages but caring for a furry friend is especially beneficial for older adults. There are many ways you can plan to age while being a loving pet owner.   Pets Do Improve Your…

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Elder Financial Abuse

Seniors targeted by scammers during the holidays

By Miles Hurley | December 28, 2021

Don’t let the Grinch steal the holidays! Each year, millions of elderly Americans fall victim to some type of financial fraud. The FBI explains seniors are the perfect target for scammers because they typically have more money (retirement savings, a paid-for home), they’re less likely to report fraud, and can be experiencing memory loss (a…

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preparing for an emergency

Preparing for an emergency

By Miles Hurley | December 21, 2021

Last week’s deadly tornadoes are a somber reminder of how weather emergencies can impact us all at any time. Being prepared can be the difference of life and death in natural disaster situations. Older adults are especially vulnerable during and after disasters, often due to having chronic health conditions or mobility challenges. Are you and…

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Preparing for the holidays

Preparing for the holidays

By Miles Hurley | December 7, 2021

‘Tis the season! Unfortunately, it is hard to be jolly when you are concerned for your aging loved ones. Many adult children have not seen their parents in months due to the ongoing pandemic. In addition, work and family obligations paired with substantial distance makes it difficult for all of us to get together as…

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Senior centers reopening

Local Senior Centers are Reopening

By Miles Hurley | June 15, 2021

Summer is here, and our Hurley Elder Care Law team is excited to make plans and enjoy all that the season has to offer…. gardening, grilling, vacations and parties with friends and family.   With pandemic restrictions lifting throughout Georgia, there are many opportunities for us to come together and safely experience our favorite summertime activities.…

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Zoom meeting

Increasing Social Interaction for Seniors and Offsetting Cognitive Decline During COVID-19

By Miles Hurley | August 19, 2020

Professionals who work with seniors have long realized that social isolation leads to cognitive decline. Widespread awareness of this significant healthcare issue has increased due to COVID-19.  Our clients are noticing it with their loved ones, and here at Hurley Elder Care Law, we are noticing it with our own families. What are the options…

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Technology Help for Seniors

By Miles Hurley | May 21, 2018

Over the last several years, older adults have been the fastest growing segment of the online population. More and more people over the age of 60 are going online and using Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Youtube. They are emailing, texting and blogging—and it is having a positive impact on their lives as they are communicating…

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Can a Guardianship be Reversed?

By Hurley Elder Care Law | March 19, 2018

“I think that my mom was wrongly appointed a guardian. She has trouble talking and being understood, but she is not crazy or demented. What can I do?” Although rare, there are times when a person has inappropriately been deemed incompetent. Fortunately, the probate courts have a restoration process for terminating the guardianship. This is…

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Future Changes in Senior Housing

By Miles Hurley | February 2, 2018

There are significant changes you’re likely to see in senior housing in the next 10 years or so, based on need, a more assertive generation, and changing societal lifestyles. The baby boomer generation is more demanding and will push to do things in their own way. Retirement and senior living communities will have to respond…

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Graying of America is Costly

By Hurley Elder Care Law | October 27, 2017

  The graying of America is stretching local tax dollars. More often today, paramedics respond to emergency calls and find an older person who has fallen, broken a bone or suffered a heart attack. Another issue affecting elders is the increasing number of elder-abuse cases and crimes targeting senior citizens. Also, in some areas, greater…

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