Medicare open enrollment FAQ

Medicare open enrollment FAQ

By Miles Hurley | October 24, 2023

This month, we are taking the time to do a deep dive into Medicare and the open enrollment process. Last weeks blog reviewed the four different parts of Medicare. Today, we will share some practical information to help you on your journey. This Medicare open enrollment FAQ, can clear up some myths, answer some basic…

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Different parts of Medicare

What are the “parts” of Medicare and what does each cover? 

By Miles Hurley | October 17, 2023

Relax in your favorite chair, grab your pumpkin spiced latte and light the logs in the fireplace…. it’s time to research your Medicare options for 2024. Medicare open enrollment is here.  So let’s dig in and look at what are the parts of Medicare and what does each part cover. Medicare has 4 Different Parts…

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Medicare open enrollment

Navigating Medicare Open Enrollment for 2024

By Miles Hurley | October 10, 2023

It’s that time of year again when the leaves are changing, and the healthcare landscape is shifting. Yes, you guessed it – it’s Medicare Open Enrollment season! What do you need to know to navigate Medicare open enrollment in 2024? Understanding Medicare Open Enrollment Let’s break it down. What exactly is Medicare Open Enrollment? Well,…

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Danger seniors heat stroke

The Danger of Heat Stroke in Seniors

By Miles Hurley | August 1, 2023

Temperatures have risen to record levels this summer with little relief in sight. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, which can be life-threatening if left unattended. In the 2022 summer European heat wave, 90% of the heat-related deaths were people age 65+. What is heat stroke and how can seniors mitigate…

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health and cognition changes

Keeping an eye out for changes in health and cognition

By Miles Hurley | December 20, 2022

Many of us have family spread throughout the country who rarely get to see each other throughout the year. The holiday season often brings us together from near and far to celebrate. Unfortunately, this reunion can also be unsettling and cause for concern due to noticeable health and cognition changes in our loved ones. What…

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Blue Christmas

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…. or a Blue Christmas?

By Miles Hurley | December 13, 2022

The Holiday Season should be a time for celebrations, parties, and get-togethers. Sometimes the holidays can also be a source of sadness and “the blues”, especially for older people, who may find themselves thinking about how quickly time has passed and missing loved ones. Health conditions or concerns about money can also make it harder…

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The different parts of Medicare

The different parts of Medicare

By Miles Hurley | October 11, 2022

Fall…leaves changing, pumpkin spiced treats, and…. Medicare open enrollment! Most of the seniors we serve are covered by Medicare but scratch their heads when trying to decipher what the different “parts” of Medicare cover, how to enroll, and what the costs are. What are the “parts” of Medicare and what does each cover?  Part A…

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Medicare open enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment

By Miles Hurley | October 4, 2022

The Medicare Fall Open Enrollment 2023 season is here and that means your mailbox is probably getting bombarded with advertisements…it is truly a confusing time of year for most Medicare beneficiaries! Let us help you understand what happens during Medicare open enrollment. What is Medicare Open Enrollment? Each year, the benefits and premiums on your…

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barriers to accepting a financial Power of Attorney

Barriers to accepting a POA

By Miles Hurley | July 12, 2022

“No,” “Denied,” “We can’t accept that,” … These are all words our client families hear daily when presenting a General Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Matters  (POA) at a financial institution.  To protect an account holder’s assets, many banks will refuse to accept a power of attorney. They fear fraud and exploitation, so they…

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Dehydration and seniors

Dehydration and Seniors: A Risky Situation

By Miles Hurley | July 5, 2022

Whew… we all know the feeling of stepping outside and being hit with the heat and humidity of our Georgia summer. Drinking enough water is important for everyone, but especially seniors who are at greater risk for dehydration. Why do seniors get dehydrated easily? The simple answer is they naturally have less water in their…

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