Holiday tips

Holiday Tips for a COVID World

By Miles Hurley | November 24, 2020

A Different Kind of Holiday Season It’s that time of year again…time for holidays, celebrations, family, hugs, laughs, decorating, overeating, travel, gifts, and much more. In an ordinary year, in addition to these ‘fun’ activities, the holiday season often contributes to added stress and feelings of loneliness for many. 2020 certainly isn’t an ‘ordinary’ year!…

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Give Yourself the Gift of Grace: A reminder to be patient with yourself during the holiday season.

By Miles Hurley | December 11, 2019

Sometimes the best you can do is just not very good.   Caring for an ill or elderly loved one, running a household, working full or part-time, and keeping yourself together can be very stressful.  You wake early in the morning, your to-do list is already overflowing, and you just remembered the things you forgot to…

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Avoid Holiday Stress

By Miles Hurley | December 4, 2017

The holiday season is often a stressful time for those with dementia and their caregivers. The celebrations, decorated spaces, visitors, and interruptions in routine can leave those with dementia feeling agitated, confused and overstimulated. The caregivers are often frustrated and anxious. The Alzheimer’s Association offers the following guidelines to minimize discomfort during this time of…

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