Age Courageously

As you approach the 55 to 75 age group, it is time to face an uncertain future about living longer. There is an emotional and spiritual pathway to face about getting older, so it’s time to form an action plan for your future and maybe even make peace with your next steps. You have to answer what it is you want, for yourself, your children, grandchildren and even future generations. Is this going to be easy? Probably not. “Successful aging takes courage,” according to Ken Druck, author of Courageous Living/Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined. Being brave and humble will help make the most of each precious breath, day, moment and relationship. Druck goes on to state that you have to overcome the big challenges of getting older. Here’s how! (1) Begin a higher level of personal awareness about age-related issues. This should lay the groundwork for looking at new opportunities. (2) Reimagine the future. Give yourself time and permission to consider new-found options for getting older and open your mind and heart to re-energize your life. (3) Formulate an action plan. Put together the plan to get from here to there once you know what is possible. (4) Be a work in progress. It will take some time to make necessary changes but be true to yourself and let the mask, pretense, arrogance and need for status fall away. (5) Do the work and leave a legacy of love. After the hard work of rethinking your future you get the reward of freeing yourself of old fears and insecurities. Your house will be in order leaving you with a future of freedom and peace. Your legacy can be to pay the good forward, leaving a legacy of love. From: The Costco Connection, January 2017.

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