Fashionable Medical Alert Bracelets

You can acquire a fashionable and luxurious piece of jewelry that doubles as a medical alert device. It will be stylish and effective technology, designed to monitor health and send emergency alerts. The person hired to create this fashion statement was Iris Apfel, a fashionable 94-year-old woman. She has designed a collection in the Socialite line of call-for-help bracelets. The bracelets are designed to send a distress message to loved ones with the location of the wearer, alerted by the person in trouble tapping the bracelet three times. In addition to allowing the user to send discrete emergency messages to chosen emergency contacts, the bracelets can also be used to track fitness measurements such as steps and calories. Not inexpensive – the price range is between $295 and $345. The bracelets are available online, made of 18k gold and palladium. Contrast this with a less fashionable medical alert device available for $30 a month. Read more about the bracelets at:

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