Don’t Expect Care from Your Children


Many parents expect that their children will take care of them when they get older, but the truth is, many children do not, according to what social workers tell us. Some people are surprised at this..…who doesn’t take care of their parents when they get old? A little research showed that more people than you can imagine do not.

You have probably observed first-hand how children respond to parents who expect to be taken care of by them.

To remain independent, you can stay independent by: paying all your bills on time, hiring a handyman to fix things, making friends with people to call and check up on you, de-cluttering your home, updating your will, paying for funeral arrangements, hiring an aide for a few hours a day, and so on.

By taking care of yourself, you and all those who are close to you can breathe a sigh of relief. Whether you have children or not, taking care of yourself to the best of your ability is the ultimate gift. Do whatever it takes to keep, or get, your own house in order.

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