Help for Senior Drivers

New safety technologies are available to help seniors drive safer. A 2015 Foundation study examined 16 technologies and found that some helped seniors avoid crashes and improved the ease and comfort of driving. Following are some of the most helpful features:

  1.  Forward Collision Warning — Sensors determine how close objects are to the front of a vehicle. When the system senses that the car may collide with something, it warns the driver and sometimes takes over partial control of the vehicle. These increase reaction time, reducing potential crashes up to 20%.
  2. Park-Assist System — Video cameras and sensors help drivers park and some systems can even take over the steering and do the parking for them. This reduces stress and reduces curb strikes up to 81%; it also reduces twisting of the upper body.
  3. Navigation Assistance — Gathers real-time traffic information and adjusts its directions to avoid traffic congestion, thereby increasing driver confidence.
  4. Automatic Crash Notification – Contacts emergency medical services within a few seconds after you crash.
  5. Lane Departure Warning – Alerts you when your car drifts too close to the lane markings.
  6. Curve Speed Warning – The system warns you if you are driving too fast when approaching a curve.
  7. Check out to find out which cars have the features you want.



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