How do you apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia?

We are on the road again. We have our sunglasses, favorite playlist on the radio and a full bag of Trail Mix with M&Ms by our side. Last week during our ‘car talk’ we answered, “What is Medicaid”. That question is usually followed up by “How do you apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia”? Get comfy while we explain.

Applying for Georgia Nursing Home Medicaid can seem daunting

There are so many questions and seemingly few ways to get solid information. Covid-19 has also thrown a wrench in many Medicaid rules and made it more difficult for families to apply for and obtain nursing home placement.

First, the resident must meet eligibility requirements which include:

*Aged, blind or disabled

*Receiving nursing home level care

*Institutionalized for at least 30 days

*Below certain income and asset thresholds

*U.S. Citizen or lawfully admitted immigrant

Nursing Home Medicaid applications are handled by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, or DFCS. Most counties have their own DFCS office, but some DFCS offices cover multiple counties.

How do I know if I will qualify?

Since we are fellow travelers enjoying our road trip together and becoming fast friends, we will tell you that this is one of the most important pieces of advice we can share. It is ALWAYS worth your time to call Hurley Elder Care Law for a complimentary phone consultation at (404) 843-0121. Nursing Home Medicaid rules are complicated, and it really depends on your particular situation.  Many nursing home residents qualify for Medicaid and don’t realize it. We can usually tell you if you’re eligible for Medicaid after asking you a few questions and can often save you costly mistakes.

When should you apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia?

You can apply for Nursing Home Medicaid as soon as your loved one enters the nursing home for long-term care.  The Medicaid application will be considered for approval after the applicant has been residing in a combination of a hospital environment or skilled nursing facility for 30 days consecutive days. They must reside in a nursing home at the time of application. 

Where should you apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia?

You can apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in a few different ways:

  1. Using the on-line Georgia Gateway
  2. Applying in person at your local DFCS office (offices are currently closed to visitors due to Covid-19).
  3. Working with the nursing home’s business office manager or Medicaid Specialist.
  4. Hiring a Certified Elder Law Attorney.

Who can help you with the Nursing Home Medicaid application in Georgia?

You can receive help with your application from a DFCS worker, the nursing home business office manager, or a Certified Elder Law Attorney. A DFCS worker and/or nursing home business office manager can assist you when your application is simple. A Certified Elder Law Attorney may be necessary when you are worried about protecting your assets, including the value of your home, or your dependents.  An attorney will act as an advocate on your behalf.

What is needed to apply for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia?

Georgia requires you to submit substantial proof of your situation in order to be eligible for Nursing Home Medicaid. Submitting an incomplete or inaccurate application can delay your approval. You can find a list of necessary documents that must accompany your application here.

The experts at Hurley Elder Care Law build a complete and accurate application, submit it to DFCS, and continue to follow up on the application until its approval.  We also provide court representation with the Administrative Law Judges as needed to get approval for each application (at no extra charge to our clients!).

Many families hit ‘potholes’ along the way when they attempt to navigate this process on their own. It is even more difficult at this time because many government offices and nursing homes are closed to visitors, overworked, and understaffed due to the pandemic. Finding the right answers for your personal situation is challenging enough and adding the concern for a safe environment for your loved one is especially important these days. Hurley Elder Care Law has a team of experts ready to help you apply and investigate options for Nursing Home Medicaid in Georgia.

The ins and outs of Medicaid can be a bit tiring. It’s probably about time for you to take a nap. Car rides sure are good to get a little shut eye. We will make sure you are awake and refreshed next week when we tell you about Medicaid planning for single people. For those of you who are married, don’t worry; we will also share a few tips for you and will address you more closely further into our journey. Sweet dreams!

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