Long-Term Care

Planning ahead for long-term care should be part of your retirement planning, at least to check it out and see whether it is important for your future. Some of your questions should be about the type of benefits available – possibly through your employer. You may consider the fact that long-term health care insurance is not available once a person is diagnosed with dementia. Part of your planning should include getting a handle on your financial resources such as savings, insurance, retirement benefits, government assistance, and potential VA benefits. Your planning should include learning about Medicare – what it covers and what it does not. Learn also about Medicaid and eligibility requirements. Investigate long-term care services in your area – home care, assisted living residences, personal care homes, and nursing homes. What community and support services are available? Is there respite care? Are there home maker services, transportation services, Meals on Wheels, etc.? Knowing what you can afford as you review your financial resources allows you to formulate a plan on how to access care. For more information,  go to: Source: “2016 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures.” Alzheimer’s Association Georgia Chapter.alz.org/Georgia.

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